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501 McCard Road, Corinth, ME, 04427
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Dutch Hex Sign
Traditional folk art, painted prayers and blessings to hang at the peak of your home, barn, garage or outbuilding -- these colorful circular designs are often incorrectly associated with the Amish. Dutch Hex Sign artist Jj Starwalker brings this traditional art form of the German (Deutsch) Americans to Maine as the only working hexeri in the state. Each sign is individually hand drawn and painted by Ms. Starwalker in the traditional manner and is a unique piece of folk art not a mass produced reproduction. Exterior signs are painted in brand name house paint on circles of exterior plywood cut to size from 1' to 4' by the artist. Interior signs are also individually hand drawn and painted on cotton muslin mounted in a primitive wooden frame. Ms. Starwalker also applies the traditional designs to local Maine rocks supplied by her customers (cannot be shipped) and will contract to paint directly on buildings. Custom work is encouraged.
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